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Jans mum found out - I was in trouble - I thought


An affair to remember.
I was 18 and I had agirlfriend who was 16.

We started out just to be friends but after a while things got a bit more interesting and we started to feel each other up and gradually I got to get her undressed and we both played about in the nude looking and feeling each other sex spots.

She said she would not let me have sex with her –until she was 18 if we were still friends - but we had already begun to play sex games by fingering each other and masturbating.

She eventually said she would let me give her oral sex but not use my cock in her.

After a couple of times when I licked and sucked her out I asked when she would do it for me.

She didn’t want to put my cock in her mouth but I said if she didn’t I wouldn’t slick her – fair was fair.

After a few attempts she finally got my cock in her mouth and began to suck me.

We did it a few times but she wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth and when I was ready she would finish me off with her hand.

One day I was a bit late getting my cock out and I started to spurt a moment after I got it out.

My cum went over her sweatshirt and she got a bit dirty with me for leaving it so late.

I wiped it off with my handkerchief and she went home.

The next day I went to her place and her mother was there and said to me – before you see Jan I want to talk to you.

Then she gave me a lecture about doing things with Jane that were not allowed.

She said I saw what was on Janes clothing when she came home and I know exactly what it is.

She told me what happened and I think it best if you don’t see her for a while until you both cool off.

I was shattered – I had lost my best friend and we wouldn’t be doing sex games for a while if ever.

It was two weeks later I got a phone call from her mother – I could come over if I wished. She would be there and Jan and I would have to remain in the house where she could monitor us.
When I got there her mother met me. She said Jan is not here - I want to talk to you.

She took me inside and we sat down. Then she started to tell me all about what Jan had told her what we had done.

I said I thought you already knew that.

She said I only knew half of it.

Then she said Jan said you have never slept with her – is that true.

I said yes but not because I didn’t try – she always refused to go that far.

Then her mother said you would go that far if you could would you.

I said yes.

She said have you done it before.

I said yes.

How many girls she asked.

Two – I replied.

Did you take precautions.

With one yes the other no because she was using oral contraception already. She had been caught by her parents and given them to prevent her getting pregnant.

Then you understand about contraception.

I said yes.

If you were allowed to do it how do you know if the girl is safe.

I dont – if I had a doubt I would use a condom.

If you were going to do it to Jan what would you do.

Use a condom because I don’t think you would let her use oral contraception.

And if I said it was ok to do it with Jan you would.

Yes – if she agreed.

She said well then come with me, and took me to the back of the house to what I knew to be a spare bedroom. She took me inside and then turned and locked the door. From what I could see there was only her and me there.

I said what is going on.

She said nothing – its all coming off. You and I are going to make love or whatever you want to call it. If you are prepared to sleep with Jan you have to sleep with me first. I want to know that you are capable. Now take your clothes off and I will do the same.

She started to undress and I was very hesitant, was this a trap or something.

When she was totally naked I had not done anything. She said are you scarred.

I said yes a bit – are you sure this is ok.

She said I don’t normally make love to 18yo boys but I am making an exception for you.

Then she came to where I was and began to undress me and between the two of us I managed to be naked like her.

Now she said lets get started.

I had seen her naked now for a few minutes and she looked good, for a woman of about 40 she was still firm and not fat. She had good tits too. Her cunt was shaved to a strip of hair above her slit. I had got hard in the process of looking at her and seeing her nude.

She came to me and held me to her and pressed her body to mine and I could feel her breast against my chest and my cock between us as she rubbed her crutch against mine and got me even harder. She didn’t kiss me but I don’t think she would have stopped me if I had tried to kiss her. I was tempted but decided not to.

Then she led me to the bed and said this is the test – pass it and you might be allowed to enjoy yourself some more.

I could not imagine that she was going to test me on my sex performance before she let me sleep with Jan. I hoped she wasn’t going to give us lessons in lovemaking while Jan and I did it and she would be there too.

I got up o the bed and she opened her legs and pulled them back. I got ready and she told me what I had to do. I thought do I have to tell her this is not my first time I have done it before, but I said nothing. Another thing was she had reasonable well shaped legs and they were not thick like some women. As I got close to her she let them rest against my shoulders.

My cock was hard and looking down at her cunt she didn’t look like she had had a kid, her cunt looked firm and tight it didn’t have her cunt lips sticking out or anything it looked good.
I imagined her lips would be puffy and fat but they were nice and didn’t stick out too far.
She saw me looking and said well do you like it.

I said yes but I thought you would look more like a woman than a girl. It looks just like Jans, only she has more hair around it.

She said you know how to flatter a girl – you like Jans do you.

I said yes but I would like to know what it feels like with me inside her.

She said well get it into me and you will know.

I then got my cock and guided it into her. As it went in I was in raptures. She was warm and wet and surprisingly quite firm. I imagined she would be a bit loose but as my cock went up into her I could feel the walls of her cunt almost gripping my cock, the sensation as it slid in was fantastic. I even let out a soft murmur as I enjoyed the sensation. It was even better than the two girls I had already fucked.

Ahhh she said you like that.

I said yes – its magnificent.

What did you expect she asked.

I said I don’t really know I didn’t have much time to think about it but I didn’t think it would be a tight as it is. It feels great my cock loves it.

Ok she said now lets see how good a lover you are – you have to impress me before it goes anywhere else in this house.

I began to slowly fuck her and enjoy the feeling of being up inside her and the sensation of the walls of her cunt rubbing along my cock. It was nice and warm inside her and I had no problems fucking her. I went slowly for a while enjoying the sensation. She was laying there not doing or saying anything, I think she was liking what we were doing too. She wiggled her ass a bit and got me in a slightly different position and said that’s better I can feel you better now, that is not a bad cock. How big is it.

I said its almost 7 inches long and five inches thick.

She said if feels bigger than that.

I said do you think it will fit Jan.

She said it fits me perfectly – I am not complaining. I rather like it.
I said what happened to Jans dad she has never mentioned him.

She said he was two timing me and was having an affair with one of the women in his office so I threw him out. That was about 10 years ago, Jan was only a little girl, she would hace hardly known him.

I said you never remarried.

She said no – nobody was good enough. They all wanted sex and nothing else and after a few of them I gave men away. I have had a couple of guys when we have been away on holiday – sort of a fling. I had to be careful that Jan never knew she would have hated to think I was having sex with another man. She could not imagine me living with another man.

By now we had been fucking for about 7 or 8 minutes and I said how m I going an I passing the test.

She said you have a long way to go yet, this is not some sort of quickie test. This is a test of stamina.

I didn’t say any more but just kept fucking.

She went for a few more minutes and then said ok its time for a change. You are lasting longer than I thought – I imagined you would cum in a few minutes you are better than I imagined.

Lets try it doggy.

I pulled out and she got up and onto her knees, I got behind her and got ready to go into her from behind. I looked at her ass and I was impressed again, she had a nice round bottom and firm flesh on it – it wasn’t soft and flabby. I rubbed my hands over each cheek and then opened them to let me see her cunt and her ass hole. I had read somewhere women like to have something put up their ass when masturbating or fucking from behind. Her ass was a tiny dark pink brown hole. It looked tight as it was all crinkled around it.

I wiped some wetness off my cock over her cunt lips and her ass hole. She said nothing but I thought she liked me doing that. Then I got my cock and once more slid it into her and this time she murmured as it went in.

You like that do you I said.

More than you imagine she said this is my favourite position.

I began to fuck her again and I leaned over her and put my hands around and held both her breasts. They felt wonderful. Soft and just perfect.

Now now she said don’t take too many liberties and I took my hands away.
Its ok, I don’t mind, I wasn’t expecting it she said. Are they better than Jans.

I said there is no comparison. Hers are smaller and firmer that yours. Yours are bigger and softer, I like them both.

Have you sucked her titties she asked.

A few times I said she sort of likes it.

Have you ever kissed her vagina she asked.

No she wont let me get near her there. I have managed to finger her a couple of times but she doesn’t like it or doesn’t trust herself to be able to stop if we get all hot and stuff.

Good girl she said. Maybe I can encourage her to do a bit more after I know you will treat her right and do it well for her.

I was still fucking her and while I did I noticed she had a wardrobe with a mirror door and I could see myself fucking her and see her tits swinging under her as I fucked her.

I said we look good together as she looked over and saw me looking at us in the mirror.

She said I wondered when you would notice that, it is not bad looking at yourself getting fucked or doing it.

I continued to fuck her for another few minutes I wasn’t getting aroused any more than I was already and I didn’t look like cumming for a while, I was having too much fun just fucking. I was also enjoying watching her tits swing as we fucked.

Then I looked down and once more noticed her button hole ass. I licked my finger and just touched her at the opening. She moaned quite loudly this time as I pushed my finger in a little bit and she tightened her ass around my finger and moaned again. Shit she said I never realised how good that feels. I slid a bit more in and she said that’s far enough. I had the first section of my finger inside her now. Then I began to finger fuck her ass as I cock fucked her cunt.

Shit she said that is brilliant – I have never done anything like this ever before. Where did you learn to do that.

I said I havent – it’s the first time I have ever done it. I saw kids at school do it a few times to one another. They were the poofters we called them, cock suckers and ass lickers.

I never got mixed up with them – I preferred to wank off on my own.

How often do you masturbate she asked me.

A few times a week.

You admit you do.

I said doesn’t everybody – I don’t know anybody who hasent done it. Jan does I know I have seen her and she admits it too.

Are you sure you have never fucked her.

I said positive – she wont let me near it. I have managed to get a finger just into her a couple of times but she wont let me go any further and it doesn’t last long, I have never made her cum.

Good girl she said – she does what her mother tells her.

I said I hope her mother tell her we can fuck together and pretty soon – how is my test going.

She said you have a long way to go yet I havnt had an orgasm yet.

Do you want one I asked.

Not so soon young man we have other things to do first.

I was still finger fucking her ass hole and she said right oh, lets try something else.

I pulled my finger out and then my cock and she said oh hell I am missing it already and laughed.

She told me to lay down and I did. Then she got up on the bed again and straddled me. Then she started to sit on my cock and I had to hold it up for her to sit on it.

As she went down on it, it felt great again. Now she was fucking me. She had her knees either side of me and was beginning to rock and roll on top of me. She did that for a while then started to bounce up and down on me. Whatever she did felt awesome and she was doing it to make herself feel good, I could tell from the look on her face she was in seventh heaven.

I said you like that don’t you.

She said how did you guess – this is how I cum most times, get ready if we can work it right we can both cum together. I know how to bring men off like this as well as myself.

I looked up and saw her moving her body over mine and her tits moving and I put both hands up and held one in each hand and squeezed them. She said pinch my nipples and I did, she began to work her cunt harder on my cock and I was beginning to feel it and then she said squeeze than harder and then she did the same to me, she played with my nipples and immediately I began to work up to my orgasm

She could ready the signs on my face and said you are getting close eh.

I grunted as I could feel it beginning to cum and she let out a moan that could be heard all over the house and she came at the same time. The two of us bucked and bounced as I pumped rope after rope of hot cum into her hot body and she worked her cunt on my cock to get as much pleasure from it as she could. We were both fucking like mad having our orgasm.

After a minute or two she stopped and said holy cow that was good. I don’t know if I should let you loose on Jan – I think she needs more lessons before she can appreciate that.

She rolled off me and we lay together panting from the exertions of us cumming together. It was fantastic. I have never cum like that when I fucked the other girls. They lay there and let me, she was right into it and made me cum as well as herself. She was really great.

In between breaths I said that was the best time of my life – I have never enjoyed anything like that ever before.

I put my hand over and touched her breasts.

That’s nice she said, I like that and put her hand down and played with my soft soggy cum covered cock. We had go so hot I could smell the smell of her cunt and our cum in the room.
Then she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. All our jism covering my cock she was licking off her fingers. Then she put her hand down and onto her cunt and got them all wet again and this time she put them in my mouth. It tasted pretty aweful but I did it and made it sound like I liked it. She did it again and this time it wasn’t as bad.

You like that don’t you.

I wasnt game to say it was awful and without a word she got up and bent over my cock and put it in her mouth and cleaned all the jism off it, I could feel her licking and sucking it all off me. I loved the feeling as my cock stayed soft.

Then she did something that horrified me. She got up and got over me and put her cunt down on my mouth and I was expected to do to her what she had just done to me. I had to suck her cunt full of her sex juice and my cum. It smelled and tasted awful. I nearly gagged on it at first but after a few second the taste all tasted the same and I couldn’t smell her any more, the mix of her taste and smell all became one and I just sucked and licked her till she got off me. I wont say I enjoyed it but once I got used to the smell and taste it didn’t bother me. I had never tasted cum before let alone my own and it was all mixed in with her cum and cunt juice.

She got off me and said ok its time for a shower and she took me to the bathroom and we had a piss and then we had a shower together and we soaped each other all over and paid particular attention to where we had just fucked each other and I played with her tits, I loved them.

After that she said its time for a coffee and we both went to the kitchen naked and had coffee and she asked me a bit about how I liked doing it with her and mostly about the sex we had.

To be perfectly honest I loved doing it all with her. She didn’t treat me like a kid.

After coffee she said well lets get back to it – I don’t know about you but I am having fun.

I said I could never imagine me doing what I am with you. I love it. I have never had so much pleasure with a woman before.

She said how many women have you enjoyed.

I said I am in the middle of my first one – the others were girls and they couldn’t hold a candle to you. I have never even thought about doing what we have done today with anybody – not even Jan. I would have been happy just to do what I did with the other girls with her but this is 100% better.

I am glad you are appreciating it she said. I must admit you are far better than I imagined, I thought you would say no, or if you did say yes, it would be all over in ten minutes. I could not believe it when I went down on you and had you lick me out. I thought you would never go near me. I was pretty ripe after all that fucking and cumming.

I said I have never done anything like it before and I must admit it was pretty smelly until I got used to it. But it all worked out in the end and I have now done some of the most depraved stuff I could ever imagine. Drinking my own cum out of your cunt – how many guys have done that I wonder.

She said more than you could ever imagine. I look at the porn shows and most of them do that including girls. They take a cock into their mouth straight out of their cunt and some even out of their ass. That’s where I got the idea from – I never ever thought I would do that but when you were just laying there I couldn’t help myself and I just did it. It was the same when I got down on you. I have seen it done and thought how gross but I was so high on the afterwards of you fucking me I just did it. Was it that bad.

I said at first, I thought I would chuck but I held my breath and did it – I didn’t want to upset you, I want to be happy and enjoy what we are doing and I am sure I could never do that with Jan. I have to pass this test.

I didn’t know it but she had no intention of letting me get anywhere near Jan after what we had just done. She was going to use me herself – and she did., but that is jumping ahead of the story.

We went back into the bedroom and she locked the door again. I said I don’t think I want to escape now.

She said I don’t want anybody to know what I am doing with an 18 year old boy. I am really cradle snatching but you are better than a couple of men I have done it with. I should tell you this but you are the best fuck I have ever had – including my short dicked husband. He was only a bit over 5 inches but he could use it and I was reasonably happy. Long dicks don’t do much for me except make me sore inside when they pound it into me and bruise my cervix.

I said what is that.

She said well here is another lesson for you. She goy onto the bed and lay back and said ok get your finger into me and push it well up and you will hit something a bit boney but with skin or flesh covering it.

I did what she told me and found it all wet and slippery and I ran my finger over it and she said now that’s nice, when somebody is fucking you and his cock is going bang bang bang against it, it makes it sore.

I said do I do that.

She said not yet and if you do I will tell you, I don’t like walking around for a day with a bruised cervix, its sore and uncomfortable.

I said let me know if I do and I will stop.

She said I will believe me.

I still had my finger in her and I was looking at her cunt and how she had shaved it. I don’t know why I did it but I got down and kissed her cunt and she moaned, and I said you like that don’t you.

In a work yes she said so I just kept going. It tasted much better after we had washed and showered, I could detect she still had some of my cum left in her but not much so I just kept going and began to enjoy what I was doing and hoped she was enjoying it too.

I remembered what she said about her clit and I used my tongue on it and slipped two fingers into her cunt and after a while she was relaxed and enjoying me licking and sucking her and also rubbing my finger into her. Then I did what I did before and slipped my finger into her ass. She grabbed it with her bum hole squeezing my finger. I knew she was enjoying it and said nothing but began to rub her cunt and bum with my fingers and concentrate on her clit with my mouth.

I had only been going a couple of minutes and she began to make noises and wriggle about obviously enjoying what I was doing. I increased the speed and pressure and the more I increased it, the more she moaned and wriggled. She was in seventh heaven I could tell.
I concentrated on her clit with my mouth and got her clit between my lips and squeezed it and then licked it with my tongue. She went crazy and immediately she went into orgasm mode and I could tell she was really having a good one. I just kept going and going even after I knew she had finished her orgasm, but then she started again and she came within a few seconds of her first one, I was just about to stop when she locked my head between her thighs so I kept going. Then she screamed and sang out stop stop oh please stop it.

I immediately stopped and her legs released me and she rolled over on her tummy and brought her knees up into the foetal position. I thought shit what have I done, I must have hurt her but she seemed to be enjoying it.

I got up and hugged her and said are you ok. She just nodded and sort of said I will be ok in a minute – I am fine.

I held her and she was shaking, I thought shit what happened.

After a few minutes she relaxed and flopped down on the bed and said that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. It was almost as bad as childbirth, but it was pleasure not pain - sort of.

I said what happened.

She said I had a multiple orgasm, I came once then again a few seconds after and then the third time when you licked my clit I thought I was going to faint. The sensation had me cramping in my stomach. I had to get my legs up, I couldn’t bear it any longer. I am sorry if I frightened you.

I said shit I didn’t have a clue what was going on – one minute you were having a ball the next you were screaming for me to stop. When you grabbed my head with your legs I thought you wanted more so I really got to work on your clit.

She said I did – in a way - but my legs went into a spasm and locked you in. I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t until I was cumming a third time I could do anything. All I could do was scream for you to stop.

That was the most intense thing I have ever done in my life. I cant remember ever having a multiple orgasm before let alone three in a row. That will have to be the first and last time I do that.

I said thank heaven I didn’t hurt you.

We lay there for a few more minutes and then she said its your turn now and she goy up and began to wank me to get me hard and then she started to suck it.
I lay back and let her do what she wanted to. She was enjoying it and trying to make up for frightening me. I was just a lying there and letting her. She played with my balls and stroked me as she sucked me. I was in seventh heaven myself now. I had never had my cock sucked before and now I have had it a few times. I loved it.

She kept it going for about 8 or 10 minutes and I said are you ready – I am, its going to be a flood. I came and spurted my hot cum into her mouth and she swallowed each mouthful and never spilled a drop. I enjoyed that better than ever before.

Now she said lets fuck, Jan will be home soon and I don’t want her to find me fucking her boyfriend.

She lay back and we fucked missionary and I came about 10 minutes later having played with her beautiful tits and sucked them while I fucked her.

After I came we both went to the bathroom and showered and washed each other and then towelled each other off. Her tits got special attention as did her cunt. My cock was well dried as well.

We got dressed and I said I don’t know what to say – that was the most amazing experience of my life.

She said its only just beginning – there are more tests to pass yet.

I said I have never enjoyed an examination like this ever – bring it on.

She said there will be more believe me. You will earn a university degree in fucking before we are finished.

We kissed the kiss of passion, it was with feeling as well as passion – she and I were beginning an adventure I didn’t want to end.

I left her and as much as I didn’t want to or her either, I had to. Jan was due home any minute and she had to clean up the back room – it reeked of sex and the sheets were covered in cum.

The story continues.
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Birthday present


It's a special day, your birthday perhaps......
It’s a special day – your birthday perhaps, I tell you a few days before that we’ll be going out…..”Somewhere nice, so wear something you feel really good in – something sexy might be good.” I suggest with a smile.
To your surprise, for our ‘special evening’, I drive away from the city. You’d been sure we would be spending the evening in a hotel and started to wonder what the night held in store. For the past two days I’d been dropping hints about wanting this to be a memorable night, something “exciting” and “out of the ordinary”.
Your curiosity had been aroused even more when you’d seen me place a small, velvet bag in the overnight bag I’d packed before we set off. You hadn’t asked but you were fairly sure there was something of a sexual nature attached to that bag. You’d decided not to ask me anything but let the tension build, flirting with me as we started out.

But now where were we going?
You become amused and intrigued as we drive for about ninety minutes out of town, for the latter part along the rough tracks of a State forest, the moon full and creamy in the summer sky.
I turn off onto a narrow track, which doesn’t seem to lead anywhere until I pull the car up outside the dark shape of a low building. Finding our way by the moonlight, I lead you the short distance to the door of what seems to be a holiday cabin. Near the coast you realize, as you can hear waves breaking on rocks a short distance away.
Holding your hand, I lead you through the door into what appears to be quite a well-furnished room. I point out a comfortable sofa, where you sit and watch with increasing amazement as I move around the room lighting candle after candle – dozens of them, to slowly reveal a large, tasteful room whose centerpiece is a rustic table filled with delicacies; cheeses, canap├ęs, fruit, bottles of wine and a large bucket of ice crammed with champagne bottles.
You start to wonder how I could have organized all this but your thoughts are interrupted by an offer of champagne from me, the dancing flames of countless candles reflected off the frosted glass.

You have only just tasted your first chocolate-dipped strawberry when you feel my hands on your shoulders. You are sitting down and I’m standing behind you, my body close against your back. You continue eating the fruit, appearing to be oblivious, as my hands move gradually downwards, relishing the satin smoothness of the material of your dress and the warmth of your body underneath. You lean your head back and tantalizingly drop the last bite of strawberry into your open mouth at the same time as my palms cup your breasts. My hands curve around their shape and feel the weight of them as my thumbs slide across the quickly hardening nipples.

I hold your hand and stand you up, turning you round to face me. I smile as I stand back to admire you in your sexy, short, black dress. I gaze at your lovely face, that amazing cleavage, the wonderful curve of your waist and hips. I feel a strange mix of spiritual connection and primeval lust. I tell you to take your dress off. You reach behind and unzip it, shrugging your shoulders to let it fall at your feet. You hear me sigh, almost groan when I see that you have worn your slinkiest, black teddy underneath.
I reach out, you think to caress your body at first but then I take you by the arm and lead you up a couple of steps to a raised part of the room. This portion of the cabin is divided into two sections by a kind of elaborate lattice (an exotic Arabian Nights flavour to it, you think). Each of these “rooms” contains a soft queen-size bed covered in cushions and surrounded by a sheer, white muslin drape. I move towards the furthest bed, slide the curtain to one side and ask you to lie down on your back.

You relax and watch as I undress down to my briefs, you can see that I’m aroused and as I move closer and stand beside the bed, you reach out and lightly trace the outline of the bulge in my underwear with your fingertips. I start to stroke inside the thigh of your slightly raised leg as you now cup your hand around my bulge. You can feel my crotch moving and growing as you start to move your other hand over your own body.
You writhe your body languorously as your left hand moves over your breast, squeezes a nipple for a while, then snakes lower. You notice my eyes widen slightly as you move your hand between your legs, pressing and massaging your crotch. Slow moans escape your lips as you rub yourself through the flimsy material of your teddy and you feel the first touches of wetness on your fingers.

You tell me to take my briefs off – you want to see what kind of an effect you’re having on me. As I remove the last of my clothes, my cock springs free and you see that the head is already quite wet but not yet as fully hard as you know it can be. You decide to give me a real show and, as I kneel on the bed next to your hips, you snap open the fasteners at the crotch of your teddy.
Now you can give full attention to your own body, knowing from past experience what a thrill I will get from watching you excite yourself.
You move your left hand down to your recently trimmed bush and use your fingers to separate your outer lips. You teasingly slide the fingers of your right hand around your vulva, smearing your now ample juices as you slide your fingers upwards along the length of your slit. You do this three or four times, relishing the little shudders of arousal each stroke induces, then, very deliberately, slide your middle finger into your cunt. You have closed your eyes now and are enjoying the warm, flowing sensation in your loins. You draw your finger slowly out and offer it to me to lick the juices off, which I do with excited enthusiasm; it tastes so rich and sultry. Then you return your hand between your legs, raise and widen your thighs even more as you insert first two and then three fingers inside yourself.
Moving, massaging, squirming your now soaking fingers around inside yourself, you rub and stroke the places that excite you most, sometimes with just the fingertips, then plunging all your fingers deep inside as far as the knuckles, the sound of wet, sticky flesh seeming loud in the silent room
You hear me gasp and you open your eyes to see me kneeling in front of you, watching intently every move you make. You look down my body and see that I’m gripping my cock tightly and moving my hand backwards then slowly forwards, the foreskin now sliding easily over the wet, bulbous head. You watch my cock for a while, admiring the size and thickness of it, seeing with pleasure how your teasing act has brought it quickly to full stiffness. You feel yourself being aroused by the slightly illicit act of watching me masturbate and are suddenly taken with an overwhelming desire to have my meat inside you, even three fingers aren’t enough, you need to be filled completely. You now grab my cock with impatience and pull it down between your legs. Growling “Fuck me.” in my ear, you open your legs wide and grip my ass with your hands as you lead me towards your hot, wet hole.

The sensation of being filled up is almost overwhelming as you pull my body down onto you, feeling my prick sliding deeper and deeper inside you – never seeming to stop until, just as you think you can take no more, I start to move back. You feel the fullness of my hard cock rub against your inner lips as I pull out, sending shivers through your groin. Before you lose me completely, you grab my hips and pull me towards you again, loving the thrill of my engorged member pushing its way steadily into you.
Once more I move out but you wrap your legs around my lower back, your knees raised, giving you a sense of complete openness. Then, with your heels against my ass, you push me down hard so that I drive suddenly into you, my laden balls slapping against your ass as my groin presses up against yours. My body is in the perfect position against yours now as I grind against your clitoris with each thrust. You feel my body slide across yours as we feed off the heat of each other’s passion. You’re not sure if it’s sweat or your juices you can feel trickling between your legs. Each time I raise my hips, you pull me back into you, to feel me filling you again and again. I’m thrusting faster now, ramming my hard cock deep into you in a wild, frenzied rhythm. You love the feel of me, filling your whole body, splitting you apart. You hear my breathing become shorter – low grunting breaths. You know I’m going to come soon. Then, without warning, you feel a warm shivering that starts at your clitoris and spreads from your groin, out to every part of your body.
You are still vaguely aware of me fucking you, of my body pounding wetly against yours but your mind and body seem overtaken with the electric tension of your impending orgasm.

You want me to be with you in your pleasure and you bring your hand around behind me. You run your fingernails lightly across my balls and up my perineum to my ass. Then, as you place the tip of your middle finger at the tight entry to my ass and start to push in, you feel my legs and back stiffen. I gasp and growl and my hips thrust forward in a series of jerking spasms, my cock seeming to swell with each tremor as it spurts its jets of creamy fluid into your hot, pulsating chasm.
Then your own orgasm takes you with full force and you cry out with a breathless yell as your whole body is suffused and shaken by a seemingly endless tide of shockwaves of pleasure. You cling to me to pull me closer, you want to feel me all over you, inside you, as the thrill of orgasm continues to sweep up and down your body in slowly diminishing ripples. You become dimly aware of me kissing your face and mouth, of me still trembling inside you as a rivulet of our combined juices eases its way down from your slit to between your ass cheeks. Now you too flow down into a darker place, warm and moist and flavoured with sated lust. But your passion, you feel, has been awakened so completely that it won’t be long before you will be wanting to immerse yourself once more……………
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Sis and I become lovers


My sister ses me having sex and that started us.
Last Saturday night I was at home watching a DVD and my sister came into the room and said do you mind if I watch.

I said no, be my guest.

After about ten minutes she began to get fidgety and she said can I talk to you.

I said no problem and paused the DVD. It wasn’t a real good movie anyhow.

She said you are not going to like this but I saw you and Jan having sex last night.

I said how did that happen? – we were in my bedroom.

She said I was looking through the window.

Shit I said how much did you see.

All of it.

I saw you from the time you went in till you went to the bathroom afterwards.

Why did you do that I asked.

I have had sex with Tony twice and I havnt liked it and I know you and Jan have been doing it for ages and I wanted to know what we were doing wrong, so I decided to watch you and see if I could learn anything.

I said – did you.

She said not really other than you and Jan are really good at it.

We have only done it with him on top of me – missionary, and I havnt cum either time. In fact I didn’t get excited about it at all. We have never done what you did – the two of you were amazing you even had oral sex on each other. I wont do that to Tony but he wants me to and he says he wont do it to me until I do it to him.

I said what do you do to protect yourself.

I am on the pill – I have been taking them for two months. I asked mom and she agreed – I told her I was getting serious with Tony. I said we havnt had sex yet but I want to be prepared if we do. Some times I want to but I am too scared about getting pregnant.

She understood and we talked about it – she was great. She wants me to tell her when I start – but I havnt because I don’t want to tell her I don’t like it. She seems to think it is the most wonderful thing two people can do together.

I said I know – she realised Jan and I were doing it about a year ago and she talked to Jan and asked her if she was being safe and told her she would help her with anything she wanted. I was using condoms then and mom and Jan got the pill for her. She was brilliant with Jan and has only said a few words to me about it – she let me know she knew and is happy about it. I think she and Jan talk about it a bit. She never minds if we go to my bedroom if she is home and never comes near us, the door is closed so to her it means we are at it. and always puts an extra towel in the bathroom.

God I wish I was so lucky she said.

I said you are just 16 – I didn’t start till I was almost 18 and we did it the first time for Jans 17th birthday.

Well I said what can I tell you – do you want me to get Jan to talk to you.

No – I want something else – I have been thinking about it for a week and I cant hold it in any longer. I want you to show me how to enjoy it like you and Jan do.

I said what are you saying.

She said I want you to have sex with me like you do with Jan and show me what I have to do to have as much fun as Jan – she really loves it – I can tell by the way she did it with you.

I said you want me to have sex with you – you know that’s illegal – its incest.

She said I know all that but I am on the pill and cant get pregnant so there is no problem. Its only when the girl gets pregnant and the baby may be deformed.

I said that is a lot of crap – its only when there are a few generations of incest babies that might happen.

Well she said there is no reason why we cant do it. Believe me I wouldn’t ask you if I hadn’t given it a great deal of thought. You don’t know how hard it is sitting here asking my own brother to have sex with me.

I said hell sis – are you absolutely positive – I really think it’s a bad idea but I love you more than you would ever know and wouldn’t want to hurt you in any way.

She said you would make me the happiest girl alive if you did. I have seen how you and Jan are together and I want to be like her. I just need to know what I am doing wrong or whatever I have to do to be able to like it and cum.

I said come over here and she sat next to me and I cuddled her. I talked to her for about five minutes trying to convince her it was not a good idea but she wouldn’t agree.

She finally turned to me and said thank you for being so concerned but I have made up my mind – I want you to show me how I can enjoy sex.

I said if your mind is made up then I will but it will only be this once – Jan must never know, you have to promise me.

She said I promise faithfully I will never tell a soul what we have done.

I said your bedroom or mine.

She said mine.

We went to her bedroom and I was still not convinced this was a good thing to do. I had sex with about four other girls before Jan – two were one night stands and two were girl friends for a while and sex was part of it. I thought this has got to be like a one night stand – sex for the sake of sex. It wasn’t to prove anything it was just going to be sex.

We both undressed and I hadn’t seen Jenny naked for years and I was pleasantly surprised she had a great figure, nice firm breasts and her pubic hair had been trimmed and shaved – she really looked good naked. I also noticed no tan lines. I said how did you get that all over tan.

Bye Susies pool – a few of go there when her parents are out and we skinny dip and sun tan – we are all like this. Its looks nicer don’t you think.

I said it looks perfect. And as I was looking my cock which had been completely soft had begun to firm and Jenny was looking at it and said its amazing isn’t it – it was about 4 inches long a minute ago and I know it must be about 7 inches when its hard – I saw it when you were with Jan. She walked over to me and she took my cock in her hand and immediately it hardened and she giggled and said it likes me doesn’t it – that got hard in a flash. I hope it can make me happy too.

I said how big is Tony.

She said six inches – we measured it and it is nice – he is cut like you – I don’t like the look of uncut guys.

I said how many have you seen.

She said quite a few – at skinny dip parties when we all strip off and we give the boys the once over.

Now she said can we start.

I said well you tell me what you want to know and we will see what we can do.

First she said do it to me missionary like Tony does and I can compare how it feels with you in there.

We got on the bed and she positioned herself and spread her legs and pulled her knees back. She was in a perfect position for me to enter her.

I guided my cock to her cunt lips and just rested it there and said when you are ready I will go in.

She said I am ready – do it.

I pushed my cock into her and it slid in easily, she was wet already and having a bit of experience knew what to expect.

As I went into her she said that feels better already, I can feel it going in and going in deeper and deeper. That is fantastic.

I began to ride her and we fucked missionary for a while and I said is this any different from Tony. I also recognised she was still reasonably tight and her vagina was firm around my cock and it felt great. The head of my cock was rubbing her internally perfectly.

She said a lot different but I don’t know why – you are doing it just like him but it feels better. Maybe you are a bit bigger – I don’t know. It feels really great in me.

I said does he ride you this far up, if you notice my cock is very close to your clit.

Your right she said he is much further down, I have rubbed my clit with my finger when we are fucking and its easy to reach. It would be hard for me to do that like you are in there.

Ok I said then there is a bit you have to show Tony – now lets do doggy.

She said is that when you do it from behind.

I said yes - get up on your all fours and I will show you.

As I pulled out of her she said even doing that feels good.

She then got herself in the doggy position and I positioned myself and rearranged her a bit and then slid my now moist cock into her from behind.

Ouch she said as I slid my cock into her.

I said did that hurt.

As she replied she repositioned herself with my cock now right into her and she said it didn’t go in straight and it was a bit uncomfortable but its fine now. I didn’t know that it would feel so different. I have heard of doing it like this but Tony is too busy fucking me and working himself up to cum and we have never got this far. Once he cums that’s the end of it.

I said I don’t think he knows that girls like it too. I know some will just lay there and others like Jan really get into it.

Jenny said I know I could not believe it when I saw her – she was really having fun with you. Are you her first boyfriend that has done it to her.

I said no – she had a lot more experience than me when we started – her cousin virtually raped her when she was 12 and took her virginity. After that he would not take no for an answer and more or less forced her to do it with him, but not physically. After a while she got to like it. Never mention this to her but her brother also had sex with her – usually when the cousin was there and they both used her at the same time. Now the two of you have something in common – incest. The thing she found amusing was the two boys would suck each other cocks while the three of them were together. They all had sex together – a threesome. One would be fucking her and the sucking the other one off. She was lucky and never got pregnant and the cousin used a suppository in her as a contraceptive.

How does that work she asked – I have never heard of it.

It’s a suppository that is inserted up the girls vagina before sex and it melts and is supposed to kill all the sperm after the guy cums. It is not very reliable.

Yuk she said I wouldn’t like that – its bad enough when he cums in me and it leaks out later on.

Then she said this is great. I am enjoying it like this, it feels funny when you push me and my tits swing. How about you stop fucking me and I fuck you like this.

I said ok and stopped thrusting and she began to move in a rocking horse way and was doing all the movements. She pulled off me a few times till she got it right and giggled each time it did, but I got my cock back into her without a problem.

We did it like that for a while and she said are you anywhere near cumming yet.

I said no. It feels different knowing you are my sister, with Jan its not only fun but loving as well, loving each other and loving having sex.

She said I don’t feel any different with you than with Tony only you are fucking me better. Maybe its just the cock I like.

I said when you have had enough of this we can do it another way, but make sure you are happy because that way you will more than likely cum.

I don’t want to at the moment – so what other ways are there. This is fun. I never knew it could be like this, Tony is on and off me in five minutes and I never get a chance to warm up, and now I am hot.

The two of us separated and we sat on the bed facing each other. We talked and without thinking she was my sister began to play with her breasts which I love doing with Jan. Then Jenny got excited about that and wanted me to play with her nipples and suck on them. As I did that she got a tissue from her bedside table and wiped my cock dry and then began to masturbate me and look at and play with my cock.

At this time there was no thought about us being brother and sister we were both enjoying the sexual play as if we were lovers.

Then she said will you lay down – I want to try something.

I did as she asked and she then took my penis into her mouth and sucked it.

Jan does this for me and I love it.

Jenny worked on me for a while then said don’t cum will you – I don’t know if I want you to do that in my mouth. I know Jan does but I don’t know if I could do that yet.

I said just keep going – I will let you know.

She sucked me for about three or four minues and said that’s enough, I will do it again later , I want some more fucking now.

I said how about I get a book for you and you can pick any position you like and we can do it like that – BUT I don’t want you to cum until you are ready, but I want you to do it the way I want you to, so you will know in future that it is a guaranteed way to have an orgasm having sex.

She said yes please – I have never had so much fun in my life – how I wish I could tell all the girls what I am doing – but that wont happen.

I went and got my book of sex positions all 80 of them. Some are almost impossible but they are fun trying, most is just getting your cock into her and its almost impossible to move enough to cum in some of them.

For the next hour we played around doing it this way and that, even I had not had as much fun at one time even with Jan. Jan and I had done them all, but a few at a time, Jenny wanted to do them all that night but I told her that was impossible but she still wanted me to try. I would not let her go cowgirl as I wanted her to cum that way and I wasn’t sure if she would want to go any further after she had cum.

The time came for her to cum I decided. She was still as frisky as when we started and was having the time of her life – she said so often I never realised you could have as much fun as this being naked. I enjoy when we skinny dip but this is awesome. I will be addicted to sex after this – it is amazing, I never realised how much fun it can be – we usually do I and after its over we are a bit down. I have lost count of the number of times I have been on the verge of cumming and we stop and do something else. Its amazing – I have never got this close with Mike ever.

Then I said well its time for you to hit the high spot.

I then proceeded to get her in the cowgirl position and said this will test your legs – but there are ways and means to do it so they don’t get tired but I want you to do it the way to begin with then I will show you the other ways. I hope you wont mind cumming a few times because this is guaranteed to work.

Jenny got on top of me and we practiced the various ways to get my cock into her. She was impressed and loved the sensation of sitting on my cock and lowering herself down onto it. God she said I will have to try this with my dildo – it will be awesome.

I said you have one of them too do you.

She said two in fact – I got one when I was 13 and I have almost worn it out. The other one I got a year or so ago, it’s a real vibrating thing and its awesome.

We fucked in various ways for about 10 minutes changing positions every couple of minutes because it made her legs tired, then I showed her how to do it more efficiently.
A few times she said she was getting close to cumming and we stopped and restarted.

Then she said I am ready – I want to cum – I have never cum when I have been having sex with Tony and I know I can and I want to have it with you.

She rocked on top of my cock and I showed her how to squeeze her buttocks at the same time and tighten her cunt muscles. She was perfect within a minute and I said ok go for it.

As she rocked on top of me and was doing everything perfectly I put my hands up and onto her nipples and squeezed them. As I did she said HARDER and as I squeezed them harder still…….. she came.

The sensation was absolutely magnificent – she made so much noise I am glad our parents were not home. She could be heard all over the house.

Ohhhhh fuck she said …..fuck fuck fuck. This is amazing. She squirmed and pushed her cunt down hard on my cock and leaned forward to get maximum pressure of my cock on her clit. Oh fucking hell this is the best……fuck fuck fuck she kept saying.

Her orgasm had lasted just over a minute – a long time. Then I got worked up and said sit there, don’t move I am going to cum and I pumped my cream into her hot wet tight pussy hole and she fell down on top of me and we kissed, the kiss of lovers – not brother and sister – she was in raptures, Her body was hard against me and she was wriggling on top of me – still with my cock in her and the sweat was pouring out of both of us and our bodies were slipping and sliding over each other, it was awesome.

Then she broke the kiss and said in an urgent way – leave it there……. leave it there…… I gathered she meant my cock which was still firm but not hard and it was still inside her. Then she screwed up her face and wriggled her hips on me and she came again. I could feel the way she was manipulating her vagina and clit to get the maximum sensation down there and she came again. Her breathing was so heavy and she was gasping for breath, I could feel her heart beating hard and fast against my body. She was in raptures.

We lay like that for ages still joined together and my cum was beginning to leak out of her, down over my balls and onto the sheets.

Finally she broke the embrace when my cock shrank down and slipped out of her cunt.

She pushed herself up on her arms and said – now that was a fuck and a half.

I said I thought it was a double header and she giggled and said I have never cum twice like that – that was amazing. Not even when I masturbate have I done that.

We both sat up on the bed , my cock covered in the vaginal juices we had made together, and her vagina leaking cum. Neither of us could have cared less. We could have been lovers not brother and sister. We talked and chatted and the entire subject was the hour or so of sex we had enjoyed together.
I would never have imagined Jenny – my young sister- being like that making love. She was so much like Jan when we were doing it. I said you are a star pupil. She said you are a master of sex.

We both showered and she invited me back to her bed. The room smelled so strongly of our sex. If our parents had come home they would not have missed the smell. An hour of hot sweaty sex makes a very distinctive smell. I told Jenny and that she needed to be careful with Tony if she bought him home for what we had just enjoyed.

She said I don’t think Tony and I will be together much longer – he has to learn sex is a two way thing not for his personal benefit. You showed me tonight what sex is supposed to be like – I saw you and Jan and it was the same. He will have to learn but from somebody else – from now on I am looking for another guy like you.

About 11pm I got a text from our parents to tell us they were not coming home – too much to drink and not safe to drive he said.

That was the green light for Jenny and I to sleep together for the night – well share the bed – we didn’t do much sleeping and I wasn’t going to complain – I had led her astray - sort of - and there was more for her to learn.

That night we engaged in oral sex and she decided that she wanted to go all the way and swallowed my semen. She didn’t like it but I said few girls do in the beginning. Jan didn’t at first but now handles it well and actually enjoys it when I cum into her mouth. Jenny would soon get the taste I was sure. Her second taste was better that the first she told me when she asked for more.

I performed oral sex on her twice that night as well – we stuck with oral sex rather than intercourse as we both wanted to enjoy the oral connection. The absence of semen in her vagina was far more palatable for me. The second time she enjoyed a multiple orgasm, I was good at that, as I can get Jan on a high for two orgasms within seconds. Now Jenny had enjoyed it she knows how to endure it too.

From that night on the relationship between Jenny and I was far closer (read intimate), than we had ever been before. Jenny found a few guys to experiment with and I was told all the intimate details about their performance. None seemed to fulfil her wishes as I did and I have to admit we had sex together quite a few more times together – we couldn’t help ourselves when the opportunity presented itself with our parents began spending more time away at weekends. They said we were adults now and we were quite capable of looking after ourselves – if they only knew how well.

Two years later I was still with Jan – Jenny had had a procession of lovers and I believe a few of them knew more about sex after a night with her than before. Our interludes were far fewer but never the less just as passionate and enjoyable. I think this relationship would last a lifetime – there were many very intimate discussions between us regarding her sex life which usually ended in us spending the night in the same bed and reliving that first night we had together. I have never regretted being intimate with my own sister and incest was more than acceptable to both of us.

Jan never found out about Jenny and I and if she had any suspicions she never made them obvious.
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Sandra and her Dog -and me


Sandras dog and I shared sex.
I was fascinated by a girl at school, she was 16 and had this dog called Randy.

She always seemed to stay a bit aloof from most us other girls but I just liked the look of her as she had something about her that fascinated me. The others said she was a snob.

I tried hard to make friends and after a while she warmed to me and we became a friend of sorts.

One day we were sitting on a park bench just chatting and her dog came up to me and put his muzzle under my skirt and between my legs and sniffed me and seemed to like what he could smell. I sort of put on a bit of an act and said naughty dog, I am not a puppy.

Sandra said I am sorry he does that and it embarrasses me. He even sniffs boys crutches.

I said I was flattered, fancy a dog doing that, pity it wasn’t a boy.

She said it is a boy dog.

I giggled and said I wonder what he was thinking.

She said he likes the smell of us. I have to watch out if we are out because he likes to do it to me and other girls. It can be a bit embarrassing. If he is about and I am in my bedroom getting dressed he wants to lick me there.

I said fantastic, do you ever let him.

She said are you serious, would you let him.

I said there are some days I would let it do more than that. I said I have seen things on the net where girls let a dog do things to them.

She said is that true.

I said I can give you the addresses if you like not only dogs but donkeys and horses too.

She said do you like looking at that stuff.

I said sometimes.

She said I wouldn’t mind.

On the way home we called at her place and I showed her the sights on the net and she was really fascinated.

After a while she said have you ever done anything with a boy.

I said twice.

Did you like it she asked.

The first time was a bit painful but I ended up having fun and the second time was fantastic, I knew what to do and what to expect then.

I said how about you.

She said can you keep a secret.

I said for sure.

She said I havnt had any experiences with boys, but Randy has licked me a few times and I have tried to get him to have sex with me but I couldn’t get his cock into me, I tried it in my bum but it wouldn’t go.

I said how cool.

She said I have masturbated him a few times and made him cum and he loves me doing that and just lays there and lets me. Then she said hang on a minute.

She went to the door and called Randy and he came to her immediately.

His tail was wagging madly and she said he thinks he is going to get something. You wanted him to sniff you, would you let him now.

I said sure, and I lifted my skirt and he put his muzzle next to me and sniffed my pants and wagged his tail even harder.

I said can I see if he will lick me.

Hell she said – you work fast. If you want to.

I slipped my pants down and Sandra looked at me and said you shave do you.

I said the boys like it like this.

Then Randy was getting excited and he came over to me and sniffed and immediately licked me there.

It felt awesome. His rough tongue was licking all the wetness off my slit, and there was plenty there as I had got wet in the park and even more so looking at the girls and the animals on the PC. I opened my legs even further to let him have a real go at me. He stopped for a moment and looked at Sandra as if to say am I ok doing this.

She said he is enjoying that, how about you.

I said it is unreal; I couldn’t imagine enjoying it as much as I am. Boys lick me but it never like this. This is far better.

Then I said show me how to masturbate him and I will have a go.

She got him and rolled him over, but I think he was more interested in licking me but as soon as she started to wank him he lay back and let her. His cock was longer than I imagined and then there was this big bilge at the end of it. I said what is that.

She said its his knot, when he fucks another dog that goes in to her and stops his cum from leaking out of the bitch. They stay like that for a while before it subsides and he takes it out. It can be quite funny because after he cums she wants to get him out and he cant and they hop around joined up, it looks funny.

I asked her how do you get dogs for him to fuck.

She said a dog can smell another dog on heat for miles and they all go and see if they can fuck her. There is a bitch dog a couple of blocks away and Randy know when she is on heat from here. If she can get out she had four or five male dogs do her one after the other. Like a gang bang. When a dogs on heat evidently every dog around knows. I don’t know who the father of the dogs are afterwards, they get rid of them.

I said shit when I am ovulating that is the time I want it most too, but it’s the time I wont do it. I don’t want to get pregnant, even though I am on the pill.

She said are you – does it make a difference.

It stops me getting pregnant but I have only done it twice so I am still a bit careful.

By now Randy was enjoying me wanking him and after a few minutes he came and his cum spurted out all over my hand and his tummy, it was just like boys cum only lots more of it.
I let go when it had all come out and said where can I wash my hands as they were covered in dog cum. It also smelled stronger than boys cum.

By the time I got back Randy was finishing licking all the cum off him and the floor. He was licking up his own cum.

Sandra says that’s the best bit I don’t have to clean up after he cums.

After that he seemed happy and I was still walking around with no pants on and I lifted my skirt and he came and sniffed and licked all my cunt juice off me that I made while I wanked him. When it was all gone he stopped and left.

Sandra said that was fantastic, I never realise other girls would do that, it was great. You will have to come over again.

I said I would like that maybe we can get him to fuck us.

Sandra said would you.

I said I would try.

Great she said, maybe in a day or so.

I said you give me the word and I will be over, tell me at school and we can come here straight afterwards.

Three days later Sandra said can you come over this afternoon, I will have the house to myself until 9.

The two of walked together to her house and when we got there Randy welcomed me like and old friend, he had no idea what he was in for – two girls to fuck.

Sandra was excited and said who wants to be first.

I said I will- you know what to do and can help him and me get it in. I want it in my cunt not my bum.

She said lets see what we can do. Randy was going from her to me sniffing our cunts.

We both took our bottoms off, she said leave the tops on because his paws may scratch us, She said I tried it once in the nude and he scratched my back trying to get his cock up my bum.

I bent down on all fours – now I know why its called doggy when I do this with boys.

Sandra led him to me and I had to laugh, she put socks on his feet so he wouldn’t scratch us. She got got him on my back with his front legs around my waist. His cock was hanging down and she held it and put it right next to my cunt and Randy did the rest, he knew what to do and he gripped me with his legs around my waist and pushed his cock into me and with a bit of help from Sandra and it went into me.

He started straight away, I could not believe it, I was being fucked by a dog and I could feel his paws around my waist and him pumping his cock into me. It felt better than a boy and he was going really fast.

Then I could feel this thing against my cunt and he wiggled and pushed and suddenly there was this big bulge inside me – he had got his knot into me somehow. Sandra was watching and said I don’t know how he does it but it just went in. Once it was in it seemed to grow and get really tight but he still kept fucking me with it in there but it didn’t seem to move like his cock did. I could feel his cock really fucking me – the head of his cock is really pointed not like a boy, and I could really feel that really working up and down the walls of my cunt. I was enjoying it but he was pretty vigorous in the way he was fucking me. He wasn’t a big dog but he had a lot of strength as he fucked me. He really pushed himself into me hard and his knot thing stopped him coming out when he came back before pushing into me again. He had his back legs on carpet so he got plenty of push when he went in. He had his front paws around my waist and he was grabbing me with them. I was surprised how fast he fucked me too, much faster than boys. It even felt good it was so big in me. Another thing was his hair I could feel his hair sort of all rough on my bum as he fucked me. Possibly the fact his knot was inside me too made it feel like I had a huge thing in me.

He fucked me for quite a few minutes – my guess was about 5 minutes, maybe less, but I was getting exhausted because he was pushing and going so hard and fast and with his knot inside me and he was rocking me and I was getting tired as I had to push back all the time to keep him inside me. I learned later I needn’t of bothered.

Then he slowed down and sort of growled and I could feel this huge flood of his cum inside me.

Sandra said he is cumming – I can tell by the way he is holding his head and he ahas slowed down.

I didn’t need to be told he was cumming in me. There was far more cum than any boy had ever put in me and with the knot in me it couldn’t get out and I could feel my insides filling up with his cum. It was a weird feeling. He whined a bit like somebody moaning – he had enjoyed fucking me evidently.

I thought now he has cum he will pull out of me. He didn’t – he just kept everything inside me. Then he began to try and pull out of me and every time he did it pulled my whole body back. His knot couldn’t come out of me. I could really feel the size of his knot inside me now and being all swollen it was stopping it from coming out. He just hung onto me but didn’t pump his cock he just held me with his front legs and tried to push back.. I decided it was all I wanted and tried to move off him. He wasn’t going to let me and each time I moved forward so did he and it seemed that his cock or the knot was jammed inside me.

Sandra said you will have to wait until it softens up a bit. I have heard that when they fuck another dog the knot keeps the cum in the bitch until it gets into her properly and makes her pregnant.

I said shit how long does it take.

She said I don’t know I have never done it yet. I have just heard that you cant get it out until the dog is ready.

I stopped moving and just knelt there. It was strange; I could feel his body on my back and his hair against my bare bum. It was a bit rough and tickling a bit.

Sandra was watching and said I hope its not too much longer I want him to fuck me too – you looked fantastic doing it with him.

I was just beginning to worry about how long he had been inside me and suddenly it popped out and I could feel this flood of his cum running down my legs as his cock came out.

There was cum everywhere – it was dripping out of me and making a puddle on the floor.

Then Randy came around and began to lick it up like he did before.

I stood up and more cum flowed out of me and down my legs. I said shit he must have cum a bucket full in me – I have never seen so much cum.

Sandra was fascinated and said how did you like it, was it as good as with boys.

I said it was unlike anything I have ever experienced, not like boys and not like anything I have put inside me. I have put bigger things than his cock up me but nothing as big as his knot. It was weird, I sort of like it, but I am not sure. I don’t know if I would be in a hurry to do it again.

Sandra said well I want to now, I wonder how long he will take.

I said why not get down and see what he does.

She got down on all fours and called him and he sniffed her cunt and climbed up on her like he did with me. I helped her and the dog get themselves positioned and held his cock and guided it into her. He did exactly the same to her as he did to me. He fucked her for a minute then I saw him doing what he did to me, he wriggled and pushed and suddenly the knot was inside her. It happened so fast I nearly missed it going in.

Sandra said shit I know what you mean his knot feels huge in there. But I can still feel his cock fucking me like you, I can feel the head of it slipping up and down, it feels big too. I don’t know what a boy feels like but his is bigger than most of the boys cocks I have seen.

I said well I have had two cocks in me and they didn’t seem to be as big as Randys. It is the knot that was really big, how about you.

She said it feels huge and like you, his cock is fucking me and the knot is just sort of jammed just inside me.

Randy was fucking her almost exactly as he fucked me. It took him a bit longer than it took him to cum with me but Sandra seemed to be enjoying it a bit more than me and it wasn’t as uncomfortable in her as it was in me it seemed. She was certainly enjoying being fucked by her dog.

The he growled and I could tell by looking at his head he was cumming, it was like the boys when they cum. He did the same and filled her with cum and waited with his knot firmly in her cunt. He didn’t move and neither did she, she was telling me how it felt and how she could feel his hot cum filling her insides and the knot stopping it coming out.

He didn’t seem to take as long this time, but I had been anxious about it not coming out and it may have seemed longer but Sandra was happy to wait for him to pull it out.

Then the same thing happened, he pulled the knot and his cock out and a gush of doggy cum flooded out of her and down her legs onto the floor.

Oh Christ she said that was good, it was my first doggy fuck too. I will do that again any time I can with him, I loved it.

Randy didn’t lick it up immediately but waited for a while and then started to.

I said did you cum, it didn’t look like it.
She said no I was enjoying the sensation that much I didn’t think about it really. Next time I will try and see if I can, how about you she asked me.

I said no, I was getting worried about how big his knot was and how tight it was inside me, I didn’t give cumming much thought, I was just letting him fuck me and experiencing the fact I was being fucked by a dog. I liked it but I would only say it was 6 out of 10 as far as fucking was concerned. Maybe next time when I know what is going to happen I might enjoy it more. You don’t get fucked by a dog every day and that knot inside you feels weird. Maybe next time I might cum and that will make a difference.

Sandra said did you cum when you were fucked by the boys.

I said the first time no – the second time yes. But I did it twice with the second guy and it was on the second time I did, because he lasted longer.

Sandra said well I want to try next time and see what its like.

I said if its ok I want to try again too. I liked it but I think in future I might like it more now I know what to expect.

Sandra said I think we should clean up – I don’t know about you but I stink and I am a mess.

I said me too.

Sandra said undress and we can have a shower.

The both of us were naked and I said she had nice tits. We got into the shower together and she asked me if I would like to soap her up. I did and rubbed my soapy hands all over her and slipped a finger into her cunt and said I was washing her out, but in fact I wanted to finger her cunt and let her know that was something else I wouldn’t mind doing with her, like fingering her off. I also played with her tits as they are a bit bigger than mine. Then she did the same for me and fingered me also and asked me if I liked it. I responded by kissing her. She resisted a bit at first then we hugged our bodies together and kissed like lovers.
After we had finished pashing, I said I wouldn’t mind taking that a bit further next time.

She said me either. Next time we can play together and then let Randy fuck us again.

I said I think I would enjoy that.

She said I am sure we will – we kissed again and then got dressed and Randy by now had finished licking up his cum that had come out of us and licked his cock and balls clean. Here were two very satisfied people and one satisfied dog, well he seemed to be.

That was the beginning of a very happy relationship between two girls and one dog that we both shared. Sandra had him fuck her a lot more than me as she had him at home. I did it with Randy about once or twice a week. Sandra and I had a lot of girl/girl sex together apart from Randy as we could get together in places we couldn’t do it with her dog and enjoy having girl sex together. She was a very good and willing partner. We never had boys while we had each other and Randy.

I dont think Randy was true to us - I had a feeling he still liked female dogs too.
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Memories II


Sexual fun in the desert
It's a lovely morning in the Arizona desert. The sun is shining, there is a slight breeze and the temperature is just right to be nude. My lady & I are sitting on our friends deck enjoying the birds, rabbits and the wonderful view across the desert. We look out to the west and we can see a tall, slim bronze body slowly walking our way. As the person gets closer, we can see that it is our friend Al out for his morning walk and visit. He approaches the deck and climbs the stairs. He has his “pussy” coffee cup (a coffee cup with pictures of woman’s pussy's all over the cup) and we can see that he is happy to see us as his cock is partially erect and gently swaying side to side. We stand and I hug him reaching down and gently grasp his beautiful cock. He than approaches my lady and they too hug. My lady feeling his partially hard cock against her pussy, presses her pelvis forward as Al moves his hips from side to side. My lady takes hold of Al's nice now hard cock and slides her hand up and down it's length She glances down and see a drop of pre cum on his beautiful cocks head. Looking longingly at this drop of cum, she dips her head and with her tongue, wipes the cum drop form his cock. Being momentarily satisfied, we all sit and continue to enjoy the beautiful morning.

Eventually, my lady gets up to replenish her coffee and as she walks by us, we comment on my lady needing a visit from the barber. Al and I love bare pussy's and my lady's was in a need of a trimming. This produced an increase in excitement in all of us, knowing what was too come. My lady agrees and goes into the house to get our “barber supplies”. She soon returns with a container of warm water, a beard trimmer, some shaving cream and a razor.

There is a nice table on the deck just the right height and size for giving the barber the right access to my lady's pussy. Al and I lift my lady onto the table, she lays down and opens her legs wide exposing her luscious pussy. Al and I assess the situation and toss a coin determining who is be the barber and who will be the end product inspector. We both will win but I am to be the barber. Al and I both inspect and physically exam the area of concern – my lady's pussy – and form a plan of attack.

In anticipation, my lady's pussy lips become swollen and her vagina opens slightly, her juices already flowing. The barber first trims all the long hair with the beard trimmer than using the wash cloth and soap, prepares my lady's pussy and all the surrounding area for the intended operation. The washing done, the barber drys the area and prepares to apply a heavy coat of shaving cream.

Applying the shaving cream requires a lot of care and precision. The outer and inter labia must be prepared by rubbing both labia with my fingers, grasping the labia between my fingers, sliding my fingers up and down the labia, slightly touching the clitoris. Once the labia are nicely coated, it is necessary to spread both labia wide making sure that the inter labia is also totally coat with shaving cream, now and than dipping my fingers into my lady's now moist vagina. Again, large quantities of shaving cream must be applied to the entire area with the barbers fingers accidentally slipping in and out of my lady's vagina. Her hips move slightly so now the the barber must be even more careful using the razor. The barber carefully shaves her pubis, along each of the inter and outer labia and slowly around the opening to the vagina. This of course takes a great deal of time with the inspector watching closely so that no mistakes are made and that all is done correctly. My lady is now quivering and ready for an orgasm. But no, not yet. The area is again washed with all the appropriate care and precautions.

Now it is time for the inspector to do his job. Al moves his fingers and hands all around the area to be inspected, spending some time making sure that the clitoris has not been damaged and the vaginal opening is intact. To insure that the vagina is unharmed, the inspector must slide two, three or four fingers in and out of my lady’s vagina making sure that all the lubricating functions are intact. Al continues his inspection by running his hands and fingers all over and around my lady's pussy. Concentrating first on her labia. Using his fingers, he massages my lady's labia both inter and outer. Than opening her pussy, he insets two now three fingers and slowly moves them in and out. She is dripping wet and hot. Al slowly lowers his head and takes hold of her clitoris with his lips, moving his tongue over and around her clitoris, flicking her clitoris with his tongue. She lifts her hips and pussy to meet his tongue. Speaking me softly my lady says, “please make me cum”. This drives her wild making her cum over and over again. At the same time, the barber is making sure that the inspectors perfect cock is adequately prepared – he sucks Al's cock until it is at its maximum length and width. This is to insure that Karen receives the deep vaginal inspection she deserves – Al’s entire gorgeous cock lodged to its maximum depth in her pussy.

Assuring that no harm has been done to my lady's shaved area, I take Al's fantastic 8”x2” cock and slide it up and down my lady's pussy. By this time my lady is beyond all control and she grabs Al's massive cock and directs into her wet and hot pussy. Al presses forward and his 8x2 inch cock slowly slides all the way to its hilt, spreading my lady's pussy lips wide and expanding her vagina to widths and depth never before experienced. Karen has now in her pussy what she has been waiting for throughout the entire trimming process – Al's rock hard fabulous cock. My lady grabs Al's hips and plunges her pussy on to Al's monster. She wants Al’s cock deeper and deeper in her pussy so we suggests that Al temporarily withdraw his cock and we lean my lady face down over the table so that Al can again enter her but from behind. He again places his cock head at the entrance of her pussy and she reaches back to grasp his hips and again slams her pussy back onto his his beautiful cock imbedding his cock as far as it will go into her pussy, it still not reaching the total depth of her pussy*. This position gives me the opportunity to slide under my lady so I can suck on her clitoris and Al’s balls. Every now and than, Al's accidentally withdraws his cock from my lady's dripping pussy and accidentally slides it into my mouth. Al begins a slow in and out motion, his cock getting harder and at the same time it getting longer and wider. He continues his in and out motion, slowly increasing its speed and intensity. All of us are in pure ecstasy. My lady pushes her pussy back and screams that she is going to cum. This causes Al to increase his motion further increasing his penetration bringing his cock to its maximum length and width. He is now at the edge of his orgasm. My lady feels this increase in size, raises her pussy to meet Al lunges and it brings her and him to a massive orgasm. Al continues to pump load after load of cum into my lady's pussy as she assists by moving her hips/pussy to meet each of Al's cum producing lunges. Both my lady and Al lay enjoying the afterglow produced by their orgasms. Al's shrinking cock slipping from my lady's swollen and engorged pussy with Al's cum and my lady's juices flow from my lady's totally used pussy. I struggle but catch most of the wonderful juices flowing form my lady's pussy in my mouth – and swallow !!!!!!!! Delicious.

* My lady has had a total hysterectomy and because of this surgery, has the nicest, deepest vagina in the area. Because she has no cervix or uterus, there is now room in her pussy for the longest cock around and with the ability for a woman’s vagina to expand as it does in childbirth, my lady 's vagina will welcome the biggest of the big cocks known, even Lee's 12”x3” monster (see story - “Lee”).
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How rite goot - A trolls guide to better storytelling

2. Learn the rules

A lot of good writing centers around a set of carefully laid out rules which, if followed correctly, will ensure success and many women at your service. Let me honor this by making first sure that formulaic storytelling is good and thoroughly fucked up the ass, possibly multiple times, until it curls up in a ball and rolls over to go back to sleep, maybe even with some cum still oozing out of its gaping anus. With that picture in mind, we can proceed.

3. Write from the heart

Or, better yet, write from the pussy. Your story is meant to excite, arouse, make people squirm, drool and frantically frigg themselves. So why not start with yourself? If what you write doesn't force you to rub your clit as you type and doesn't require you to finish yourself off towards the end, it probably won't have the same effect on your readers either. So better write with a pen-shaped dildo, dipped in twat juice than a limp dick with empty balls. Trust your pussy, she knows these things.

3. Every story has a beginning, a middle part, and an end

But you don't necessarily need to write about all those. In fact, why not send Beginning and End off to eat each other out while you jump straight into bed with the middle part and have it fuck your brains out? It's fine to just stop when you cum, or to go on if you want to cum some more. Or to stop just short of cumming, if you're a little kinky and want to suspend your readers pleasure until they beg for you to finish. Slowly. With a whip.

6. Be coherent

Or not. It's okay when people change, so if your 19 year old sister turns into your 17 year old neighbour's daughter during the intercourse, that's really fine. Puberty is a confusing time, and strange things happen there, so don't sweat it. Instead, have fun! What if the lady giving a blowjob has turned into a gay transvestite munching a sweet swollen clit? Does it get you off? Then let's do it!

11. Listen to your readers

You'll inevitably get unrequested advice from barely literate people, so why not honour them by including their characters into a little follow-up story in the comments too? Tell them how delighted you are about their insightful and well thought out ideas about a story they had no part in writing and which wasn't specifically meant for them to begin with and create a little scene where they repeatedly get raped by an army of drunken rusty robots with spiky appendages that play Miley Cyrus singing the Barney Song on repeat. Imagine the satisfaction it'll bring to them and give yourself another handjob, you wonderful human being, you.

6. By all means, learn how to spell

If it gets you off. There's lit teachers among your readers too, who get an orgasm just from the correct use of their, they're and there. Imagine the dorky lady with the oversized glasses and the grey sweater at your school library creaming her pants over your mastery of the english language and sniff her chair after hours to make sure she left some residue cum there, which is always an indication of how hard she came. Or, you know, if you're in a hurry because someone sucks you off while your riting and u just dont have tiem to be wth fancy words, just get tehm out as fast as yuo can to give the homei on the corner a quickie. He wont mind and will than u later, and so should you,

7. Appreciate your fans

The most dedicated of which are the ones who will send you IMs, wanting to "chat" or for you to "send sum nudes" to them, because apparently your skill at slinging words is so impressive that they've come to appreciate you as a person. In return, you could show your own appreciation with an approximately 12 year long moment of silence. Alternatively, you could have fun playing with them a little, though that would be only for your own entertainment and not for the public good, and thus incredibly selfish. However, if you're the dedicated anthologist, you could just gather the feedback you get for your great work of "a collected edition of the best anonymous feedback from the dregs of the internet's troll armpits, vol. I - XVII"

5. Above all, be yourself

Ah, I'm just kidding. Be a whore. Try every trick in the book to get into the top scores, because only that will ensure more success, more sex and ultimately, more trolls! Imagine the orgasms you could have with an average of 95% or more? Your many slaves will chant the magic percentage of your highest-scoring submission while you shower them in your godlike translucent pee like manna from heaven, elevating yourself to spheres of orgasmic bliss only the angels are meant to know. Seriously, I've heard both Hugh Hefner and Pamela Anderson started out as a high-percentage story writer, thus discovering the magic of endless sex and tantric orgasm. Follow their advice! Buy the book!

I'd like to conclude this essay with thanks to all the trolls who sent me unsolicited advice over the years, the readers who came while reading, the writers who made me come and Apple Inc. for this fine keyboard that's absolutely washable and never ever had liquid seep through, leading to a fried laptop. Never.

Be yourself, have fun. If it's no fun, just don't do it.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beautiful Niece Kaylee Ch.4

I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. This also throws off all future timelines. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand.

Chapter 4

"Hey Kaylee, hold the end of this so I can measure." I put the tape measure up and checked the numbers twice. "OK, I'm gonna need 31 and 3/4 inches cut off this one."

"You got it!" Kaylee took the 2x4 from my hands and walked over to the saw.

Kaylee is my niece. She is 16 years old, and beautiful as can be. She stands right at 5'2" inches tall. Has long blonde hair, green eyes, full pouty lips and just a few freckles splashed across her pert little nose. Her body is lean from all the running she does and she has very shapely, muscular legs with the most incredible backside that I have ever laid eyes on.

Why is her 39 year old uncle looking at her backside? Well for about three months now Kaylee and I have been together as a couple. It started rather innocently and progressed from there. It is completely consensual. I have never forced or coerced her into anything. We agreed that we would not have intercourse but that is really the only restriction.

I watched as Kaylee walked across the barn, put the board across the sawhorses and bent to pick up the power saw. She has been using power tools since she was in elementary school. I have taught her to use drills, saws, grinders and all types of dangerous things. Hey, I'm her uncle not her parent! She is actually very handy to have around. During the summer months she often accompanies me to job sites where she is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Last year a bunch of the guys pitched in and bought her a carpenters belt with bright pink leather bags. She is so proud of that tool-belt! She is great with wood and nail, she can do a little plumbing, has a good eye for hardwood floors, and even done some wiring with the electricians. The other guys treat her like a mascot but also work her pretty hard. She is a favorite whenever she walks on site. I watched her amazing ass in her little pink belt and cut off shorts as she bent down for the saw. Well DUH!

"HEY!" I yelled. "I think I'm an idiot!"

"Why?" She called back.

"It just occurred to me why all the guys like having you on the job sites so much."

She stood up straight and proud "Because I do a good job, and I'm a hard worker! Now get back to work and stop ogling me!"

"Yes Ma'am!" I laughed, and went back to hammering nails. In a minute Kaylee was there with the cut board. She climbed the step stool, put her end in place and expertly hammered in a nail securing it in place. Two more nails, and I said. "I think that pretty much does it. That's enough work for today. We'll wait till next weekend to paint." I walked over and grabbed her while she was still on the bottom step. She put her arms over my shoulders and I reached around her trim waist. "Now kiss me!"

Her lips met mine then parted, her tongue melting with mine as we pulled tighter together. My hands reached around and found her ass. I grabbed firmly with both hands and kneaded the firm flesh. I lifted her up and bent over to set her on solid ground. We parted and looked around at our finished job. We were standing in my newly remodeled hayloft. "Looks good!" She smiled. "It should make feeding the horses easier."

"How about heading into town?" I asked.

"Well," She hesitated a moment. "Can we talk for a minute?" I nodded yes and she continued on. "We have been together a few months now and I love it...but I don't really know what we are."

"I'm not sure what you mean." I said, feeling uneasy.

"Well...A lot of my friends have boyfriends, and they talk about them all the time." I started to speak but she held up her hand. "I know! Nobody can know about us, but I just wish that I knew."

"What do you--"

She talked over me. "What if you meet someone? What if she is pretty and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping a huge secret? You could go out and tell everyone about her and kiss her in public. Have her come to family dinners and not hide that you are in love. What about me?" She had worked herself up to tears about some woman that didn't even exist! Women will never cease to mystify me.

"Sweetheart I don't even know--" She interrupted me before I could even finish my thought.

"I know you think I'm being stupid!"

"No. It's just--"

"I probably am! But I couldn't even blame you if it happened. You deserve a real girlfriend."

"Kaylee I'm trying to--"

"Let's just forget it! Now I have ruined the rest of our day!"

She was standing next to the edge of the loft. I stepped to her, put my hands on her shoulders and pushed! Her eyes went huge and she pinwheeled her arms. "AAAAHHH!" she screamed as she went over the edge.

I stepped to the edge and looked over. 8 feet below lying in a huge pile of hay was my very upset looking niece. I couldn't help but laugh. I jumped down into the hay and laid out next to her. I pulled her to me and kissed her.

She pushed away and for a moment I thought I may get slapped. "Not cool!" She screamed "You almost made me Pee! I thought I was going to break my--"

"Time to stop whining!" I said forcefully. "I couldn't think of any other way to make you SHUT UP!" She was finally quiet, but if looks could kill???

"Now listen to me! Who was the last girl I went out with?"

She looked upset still but said, "I guess that red head slut."

"Molly was not a slut!" I said defensively.

"Sorry, but she did dress like a whore." A little smile started to appear.

I chuckled. "OK I have to give you that one. That was over 9 months ago! That means before I ever even kissed you it had been at least six months since I had been with anyone. Now... Who do I spend all of my weekends with?"

She looked a little brighter. "Me."

"Right answer! I haven't even LOOKED at a woman since you. Why would I? I think you are gorgeous!"

This definitely widened the smile. "Thank you."

"Now I'm just a stupid old guy..."

"You're not old!" She cried out.

I continued. "I didn't think it made any difference to you. I guess I forgot what things were important in high school. I should have done this before now." Even though I felt a bit silly, I sat up and took both of her hands. I looked directly in her eyes. "Kaylee. Would you be my girlfriend?"

Her face lit up in a huge smile. "Yes! Of course! And I promise to be the best girlfriend you ever had!"

"You already are!" I answered. She practically tackled me into the hay, playfully kissing me all over, then a longer more passionate kiss. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed away. She looked at me with a less than innocent smile.

"Lay back." She ordered me. She scooted down the hay and undid my tool belt. Next came the button on my jeans and down came the zipper. She smiled up at me as she pulled out my dick, gave it a little kiss and put it in her mouth.

This was something that Kaylee did exceedingly well. Her first attempt at oral sex had been, well, less than great. She had gone home, got a bunch of bananas and obsessively read every "how to" site that she could find. She told me later on that it took about 3 dozen bananas till she finally had the confidence to try again, of course there was also "If I ever see another banana I think I might puke!" A few weeks later my sister made us a desert of banana pudding. Kaylee almost gagged. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to choke. "I thought you loved bananas? Last month I couldn't keep enough in the house!" I almost fell out of my chair! Tears were rolling down my bright red face I was laughing so hard! My sister looked confused. Kaylee made up a story on the spot about finding rotten bananas in my pantry and throwing up. Her mother just rolled her eyes. "You two and your inside jokes! I never get half the things you say!"

Kaylee's hand was wrapped around the base of my shaft, while her lips and tongue were teasing the head. She cupped my balls gently with her one hand while rhythmically squeezing with the other. Her mouth would come down on me and her tongue wet the shaft and then she would apply pressure with her lips and go back up ending with a sharp kiss right on the tip. The whole time looking up at me with those bright green eyes. After she had the tip lubricated, she let go with her hand and slowly took my whole length into her mouth. Never breaking eye contact with me. She kept me there for a minute while applying suction and then rotated her mouth back and forth slowly working back up. "OH God that feels so good!" I moaned out in total bliss.

She took me in her hand again and stroked a bit while she smiled at me. She kissed the head again and in a very sexy voice said, "I'm glad you like it!" She then took me all the way in and began driving me totally crazy.
I have no idea how she taught herself this, but when she had me all the way in she started to hum. I don't mean like humming a song, it was more like a cat's purr, way back in her throat. Deep and gravely. It caused the inside of her throat to vibrate like crazy! I could feel the vibrations all over my body. This and the continuous movement of her tongue and lips made for one incredible blow job.

Kaylee started to move her mouth up my length, paying special attention to the head with her tongue. Then fully engulf me again. All the while keeping up her steady hum, like a vibrator against me. Again and again she did this. It was so incredible watching my beautiful niece bobbing her head up and down on my dick. As her pace sped up so did my breathing. "Oh Sweetheart I'm going to cum."

Usually at this point she would use her hand on me and I would cum on her face or chest. She was uncomfortable with trying to take it in her mouth. Kaylee however didn't slow her movements. She went all the way down again and I knew it was too late to stop. "Oh Kaylee! Oh! OH!! OH God!"

She pulled back up and used her tongue on the sensitive part under the head then took me all the way in again. It took everything I had not to thrust my hips and possibly hurt her. The effort of trying to hold back made everything feel that much more intense! I let loose load after load of cum into my young nieces mouth and she never missed a stroke. Her head was still rising and falling and now she was making an "MMMMMMM!" sound. My whole body was shaking. I fell flat on my back and moaned out loud.

Kaylee's mouth came to a stop just at the head. She kept giving little moaning sounds as she sucked and licked the tip clean. She gave one more little kiss and came up to lay next to me and put her arms around me. She was smiling widely and looked extremely proud of herself. "HHHHMMMM Baby." she purred into my ear. "That was fun! Did you like the end?"

"Oh my God Kaylee!." I was gasping for breath. "That was incredible! You have never let me do that before."

"THAT... Was something just for my boyfriend!" She gave me a huge kiss, then went back to smiling. "I finally did it!" she cried proudly. "I was so scared to try but I swallowed all of it!"

She was so exited about it I had to laugh. "Yes you did! And I'm worried you might have to take me to the hospital because of it!" With her arms around my waist she laid her head on my chest. We both just laid there together enjoying the closeness.

After a few minutes, when my breathing slowed and I decided I wasn't having a major heart attack after all, I said. "It's been a long time since I had a girlfriend. Is a romantic restaurant and a movie still an acceptable Saturday night date?"

She sat up looking so cute with her bright smile and hay all through her messed up hair. "It will be my first date with my first boyfriend!" She was so excited about the idea that she started dragging me down the hay stack. I almost fell on my face.

"Ummm Sweetheart!?! I kind of have to pull up my pants here!" I was laughing and almost as exited as she was. Maybe having a girlfriend wasn't so silly after all.

She gave me an impatient look, as if it was MY fault my pants were down around my knees. "Hurry up! I have to get ready!" She gave me a quick kiss and a giggle. "I'd hate to keep my boyfriend waiting!"

We walked to the house hand in hand. Right before we got to the porch Kaylee said, "I love you Uncle Benny."

I squeezed her hand once and said "I love you too!"

She stopped walking. "No. I mean... I miss you when you aren't around, and I want to see you all the time. I don't just mean the touching and stuff, though, I really do like that! It's just you. Oh!... I don't know how to say it." She started to get flustered.

"Kaylee... You are the first thing I think of in the morning. The last when I go to sleep. When something good happens, I can't wait to tell you about it, and when I've had a terrible day it is your arms I want around me for comfort. I don't care if every single person on earth wants to tell me it's wrong to feel this." I took her chin and stared into her eyes. "I know what you meant, and I repeat, I Love You Too."

She threw her arms around me and kissed me. "Can I just say what you said?" She hugged me tight and I straightened up walking to the steps with her hanging from my neck like a monkey. Kissing me all over my face. "OK, Just give me an hour to get ready! I want to wear a dress."

She almost never wore dresses, I felt honored. "A dress huh? Take all the time you want." I set her down with a kiss and she ran up the stairs.

I went to the fridge for a cold drink then headed up stairs for a shower of my own. As I undressed, I had a better idea. I grabbed my towel off the door and headed down the hall.

I opened the bathroom door to the sound of running water and Kaylee singing some current pop song. I could tell she didn't know I was there. Putting my towel on the counter, I opened the shower door. "Uncle Benny!!!" She screamed.

"Oh! Sorry! Is this not the right shower?" I asked innocently. "Well since I'm here, do you want to share?"

Her long blonde hair was wet and pulled over her shoulder to wash. Her perky breasts and golden bush were beaded with the same water that was now spraying down her back. "You really keep scaring the Pee out of me you know!" She laughed then reached out her hand. "Well if you are coming in then Get In Here!"

I stepped into the hot water and pulled her in tight. She stood on her toes to reach up and kiss me passionately. When the kiss broke she said, "Well this is a first. Now what?"

"Hey! I just thought you might need some help." I reached over to the shelf and grabbed her shower scrubby, and put a bit of body wash on it. I kneeled down if front of her and started lathering her up.

First her right leg, lifting up and getting her foot, then working my way up front and back. I used the pouf in one hand and spread the foam while massaging with the other. Her skin was like satin. I turned when I got to her upper thigh, moving out to the hip. Then her left leg got the same. I loved being this close and seeing every inch of her in detail. I stood up and got a little more soap and started at her waist. We were facing each other so I pulled her to me, using the scrubby on her lower back. She was moaning softly as she said, "Oh this feels absolutely delicious!"

I soaped and caressed all the way up. When her back was scrubbed, I turned her away from me, and pulled her in close again. I applied more soap and started at her waist. My erection was now pressing into her lower back, as my hands were rubbing her stomach. I ran my soapy hands up her sides and ribs, avoiding her breasts. I took one arm and put it up around my neck and slowly lathered it up and down, then her other arm. I washed her shoulders and neck, rubbing and caressing.

Only then did I start on her chest. The hot water and my soapy massage had her so relaxed that I was part way holding her petite body up. I moved my hands under her arms rather than over to help support her. I used the soapy mesh to go around and around one breast and then followed with my hand as I circled the other. Firmly I massaged while lightly pinching and toying with her nipple. Then I followed up on the other side. The whole time Kaylee kept up a steady stream of soft moaning and her back was rubbing slightly back and forth on my erection.

I abruptly stopped. "Well I think that gets you clean!" I said happily. "I guess my job is done."

Kaylee whined like a puppy, "Wait!" She turned back towards me. "You can't just leave me like this."

"Well I have no idea how to wash your hair so looks like you are on your own" I teased.

"You didn't wash ALL of me! There are still a couple of places!" She cried out.

"Hmmm. Maybe for a kiss." She put her hands around my neck and kissed me with such force I nearly fell over. I moved the scrubby down her back and soaped up her perfect ass. I dropped the pouf and used both hands to rub the soap across her backside. My right hand moved between her cheeks and ran up and down her soapy crack, my middle finger pressing against her tight little butt-hole just a bit. I circled around not quite entering.

Her intake of breath nearly pulled the breath out of me. Then a low moan into my mouth. Her whole body gave a small shiver. She didn't pull away. If anything her buttocks pressed more firmly against my hand. Interesting! I made a note to remember that.

After a few more moments I pulled away, turned her backside to me again and put a bit more soap into my hand. I reached around from behind and started to soap her muffin. When I built up a hand full of suds, I moved downward. The second my hand went further down she started to moan loudly. I ran my hand all the way down past her opening then back up letting my finger spread her lips a bit. I leaned down and took her earlobe into my mouth and bit gently, as I once again rubbed down and back up. From the reaction I was getting I didn't think this was going to take long.

On the third trip my hand stopped and I let my soapy finger enter her. "OH! Just like that Baby!" With my finger inside of her I pulled up and towards me with my hand, using my palm to rub against her button. Her crotch ground against my hand as I kept pulling her back against my body. I started to move my finger in and out of the tight confines of my nieces vagina. "Oh Baby Oh Yes! Oh Oh Oh Oh! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!"

Had I not been ready I think we both would have ended up on the tile floor. Her knees buckled as her whole body shook. I was holding her entire weight as her toes just skipped on the tile. I was holding her up with just my left arm and my right hand still buried between her legs. She kept moaning "Oh Yes! Oh YES!" Her legs clamped down on my hand but I couldn't let go lest she slip from my grasp and fall. I stopped trying to tease and just held on.

Finally her feet were back under her and I could remove my hand, my arms still supporting a trembling girl. "OH MY GOD!!" She panted. "That was unreal!"

"I hope you enjoyed it. I thought you were going to break both our necks." I was a little out of breath myself.

Kaylee turned and kissed me. "No way! I am totally safe in your arms!" The way she was looking up at me filled me with pride. This beautiful, smart, sexy, young girl trusted me wholeheartedly. It's a good feeling.

"I wasn't kidding, I really don't know how to wash your hair." I kissed her again and stepped back. "Why don't you finish up and we'll have our date."

"Oh! I almost forgot our date! Get out!"

Just like that I was pushed out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and as I was drying myself off her soapy head popped out of the shower door. Eyes closed against suds and with a big grin she said. "By the way...Best shower EVER! We should share showers all the time! You know, to conserve water." She blew a kiss my direction. "I love you!" Then was gone.

"Love you too" I said to the now closed shower door.


We had an amazing dinner and saw a movie we both really enjoyed. On the way home Kaylee was smiling brightly in the passenger seat, looking just as cute as can be.

"So...I have my first real boyfriend!" I was always pleased to see her so happy.

"Yep! I guess you do." I replied.

"And he really loves me."

"That is without question Sweetheart!"

"And I really love him." She said with conviction.

"That means the world to me." I smiled over at her.

"Uncle Benny...I want you to make love to me." She said this as a statement of fact. No embarrassment, no shyness, just the facts. "Tonight."

I almost ran the truck right off the road.

What have I gotten myself into?

To be continued:
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